Narelle ToddHi, I’m Narelle Todd and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Here’s a little about myself…..

Q:  Apart from family, what do you love?
N:  I love my two dogs, one’s a mutt and the other’s a pedigree, my Mac, my iPad and my iPhone (yes, once you’ve gone Mac you never go back 🙂

Q:  What’s your greatest achievement in life so far?
N:  That’s a hard one. Probably living out of a backpack for three years!

Q:  It’s obvious you love to travel. Where did you last go on holidays? And where are you off to next?
N:  My last trip was to British Columbia, Canada, Seattle and Montana.  On my list of must-see places are Antarctica, lava fields of Hawaii, and more of Canada.

Q:  What’s your must do before you die?
N:  That’s easy. Swim (in a cage) with white pointer sharks. That is my ultimate in faith and trust in myself. I wouldn’t go in salt water for decades because I was scared of sharks (and I grew up on the Great Barrier Reef) however I have now dived with Grey Nurse sharks – which was amazing – and am looking forward to upping the ante to white pointers.

Q:  What’s your work and educational background and how has it influenced your work as a Professional Organizer?
N:  My corporate background in Human Resources and Learning & Development has given me practical skills in organizing and coaching people. These skills are complimented by my keen observance and interest in people and my love of travelling. Living in different cultures teaches you something about yourself as well as how another culture lives and it also opens your eyes to the variety of ways people interact with others and their belongings.  This is probably why I so strongly believe that I need to tailor organizing solutions to my clients’ organising style, personality, and way of operating in the world. This way I know the solutions can be maintained.

On the formal education side of things, I have a Masters of Education – Training & Development,  a Graduate Diploma of Management, and a Diploma in Training & Assessment (just some of my many tertiary education achievements) and I am the 1st AAPO accredited ‘Expert’ Professional Organiser, the Association’s highest level of accreditation, in Australia and New Zealand.

I am active in the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) and was the AAPO Brisbane Chapter Leader in 2008 & 2009, AAPO Virtual Chapter Leader for Australia and New Zealand in 2009/10 and a member of AAPO’s Accreditation Sub-Committee.

Q:  What’s your motto?
N:  Live so that at the end of each day I can say, “I’ve done my very best”.